Infographic to Raise Awareness during Electrical Safety Month | News content from Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine

To commemorate May as Electrical Safety Month. the Washington, DC Electrical Alliance has created an infographic to increase awareness about electrical safety on the construction site.

OSHA Electrical Hazards Causes and Safety Tips  infographic

OSHA identifies 5 major electrical safety hazards - find out what they are and how to avoid them with our safety training infographic

6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Kid Safe From Electric Hazards #SafetyTips #Electrical #24hremergencyservice

Electrical Safety For Kids : Rules And Teaching Tips

Teaching your children about electricity and helping them learn Electrical safety rules is very important.Here is few Electrical safety for kids.

An infographic about Electrical Safety and the need to have your appliances tested for faults. PAT Testing at

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Martin Technical uses new technique and equipment to provide electrical safety services. Our electrical services include electrical maintenance training, arc flash training, arc flash safety and other electrical services.

How to set up a VPN  and why you should, if  you care about privacy

How to set up a VPN – and why you should, if you care about privacy

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Check out this infographic on proper electrical safety in your household.

Martin Technical provides used to protect all personnel from electrical shock. It is required to provide arc flash safety training to implement security measures on the industrial electrical equipments or electrical devices.