As electric cars become increasingly mainstream, they're starting to build up a charge on social media around the world.

Electric cars generate social buzz [Infographic]

A Primer on Electric Cars [Infographic] .. [automobile, Automotive, CO2, Electric Cars, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Reva, Tesla Motors, Think Global, Timeline, timeline history, ]

Interesting infographic on gas cars v. electrics and hybrids. They are assuming the gas car gets but most American cars get much less.

Firs Vehicle Leasing Electric Cars Infographic

Considering an electric car? Call 0800 298 2030 -Here First Vehicle Leasing have highlighted some great stats including some pros and cons of electric cars.

Battery Powered Electric Vehicle - IcreativeD

The e rx. Some of the challenges that the current green and hybrid cars face are high costs and restricted range or capacity. To overcome these, we have here the e rx, a battery-powered electric vehicle concept. It mainly features an optional range extend

2017 VW I.D. Buzz / concept / autonomous / electric / MPV / Germany / yellow white

2017 VW I. Buzz / concept / autonomous / electric / MPV / Germany / yellow white - Tap The Link Now To Find Gadgets for your Awesome Ride

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Design your Own Electric Vehicle With the Trexa EV Platform!

Are you unhappy with the current design of the electric cars on the market? If you are, you’ll just have to wait until the Trexa modular vehicle platform becomes available, and you’ll b.