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Vintage Blue 1970's IBM Selectric II Electric Typewriter > i remember doing office practice at school on one of these.


typerwriter ball - You could change the ball out to get a different font - like Italics.


IBM Selectric - state of the art back in the 70's. you could change the font by changing a ball that the letters were on - big advance from previous machines


IBM Correcting Selectric II came out in early 1970's. My favorite. Had to thread the carbon typing ribbon and the spool of correction tape across under it's "hood." Best model ever. Easy, fast. Better than what you can buy nowadays.


IBM Selectric II Typewriter 1970's and very early 80's electric typewriter seen in many a workplace..... just before word processors were introduced..... you had to be a very good touch typist to use an electric one as it ran away with you lol!

from Click Americana

Want to find a husband? Be a secretary (1952

1950s Smith Corona Electric Typewriter ad vintage fashion style blue white wiggle dress 50s 60s sheath black belt shoes photo print ad model


Now and then there are readings that make the hairs on the neck, the non-existent pelt, stand on end and tremble, when every word burns and shines hard and clear and infinite and exact, like stones of fire, like points of stars in the dark—readings when the knowledge that we shall know the writing differently or better or satisfactorily, runs ahead of any capacity to say what we know, or how. ~ A.S. Byatt


The only electric (typewriter) with live action touch...for the fastest, easiest typing in the world. vintage office secretary 1950s


IBM Selectric "ball" typewriter - 13 million sold 1961-1986. I typed plenty on these at work.