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PacMan video game (and an electric shock) gives scientists insight into fear

1980s video games | PacMan video game (and an electric shock) gives scientists insight ...

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hahaha but i seriously felt so bad watching this and why does tyler just casually carry shocking machine thing in his bag??? these two are so funny jfc

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Slug-repelling Copper Bands

These copper bands are one of the best, non-harmful slug repellants around. Slugs and snails hate copper because it causes a harmless electric shock-like reaction when they come into contact with it, so they crawl away. Bend them into rings and push them into the soil at the base of your plant.

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Shock them all! The lightning has arrived! by on @deviantART (Jolteon)

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Occipital Neuralgia or C2 Neuralgia Read More:

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It's almost Halloween again and this year we decide we're going to dress up like scary old movie posters. We've not seen the movies cause we're not allowed to watch scary movies so we just guessed what the movies are this one. It's a movie called Frankenstein and from the poster picture we could see it's obviously about a wee little monster that sneaks up and give you static electric shocks on your ear when you are not looking...

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This is a fantastic circuit for self-protection. In case a burglar intrudes your house, you can use this security circuit as a weapon for self-protection by giving a mild electric shock to the attacker. This circuit comprises astable multivibrator, inverter, and voltage quadrupler sections. The astable multvibrator is designed for 1 kHz with a 9V …