My first shaver

Ultimate simplicity married with functionality. It worked in the it works today. // this is going to be my next dieter rams piece, i think.

Dieter Rams, first DR pin.

Braun Sixtant Special Shaver, Dieter Rams in

Personal Life: Using this specific beauty routine, I will be able to completely eliminate the amount of waste produced in my bathroom. By using items like reusable towels and an electric razor, my use of disposable razors and makeup wipes will be limited, or even nonexistent. This plan will also allow me to utilize more natural, chemical free products, such as coconut oil and green tea, promoting my personal health as well as the environment's.

My Zero Waste Beauty Routine

Personal: This pin helped me realize just how wasteful something as simple as my beauty routines are. For me personally, I go through makeup wipes in no time. I found it very helpful to find an alternative that is much better and less wasteful.

Instead of leaving your electric razor or toothbrush sitting on the counter, just waiting to fall and break, use this genius shelf ($11, It creates bonus vertical storage for tight spaces.

13 Clever Bathroom Organizers You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

A Disney jigsaw puzzle, a pack of fidget toys, ballet flats, other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

best electric razor for men (8)

20 Best Electric Razor For Men

Shaving is a personal thing and if a best electric razor for men is used for this purpose then you can get the best results ever.

A tidy medicine cabinet like this is a #shelfie look we can definitely get behind!

15 Organizing Tricks for Inside Your Most Clutter-Prone Spots

Electrical outlet inside medicine cabinet to charge your toothbrush

Philips Norelco 4300 PowerTouch Electric Razor with Aquatec Technology #AT81441

Philips Norelco 4300 PowerTouch Electric Razor with Aquatec Technology, - Personal Care - Bed & Bath - Macy's

5 Best Electric Razors For Women When A Disposable Razor Won't Do

5 Best Electric Razors For Women When A Disposable Razor Won't Do

Going out today to hopefully get a decent electric razor cuz sensory wise I can't stand hair on my legs but energy wise disposable razors are getting to be way too much~ .

A Close Shave: A Cutting-Edge Barber Shop in Amsterdam - For an industrial bathroom

Copper Pipes at Barber Amsterdam and other exposed copper as decor on…

Electric Razor Sketch & Design #productdesign…

Electric Razor Sketch & Design #productdesign…