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Build your own hub motor

((Build your own HUB MOTOR)) -- Hub motors put the power inside of the wheel. [Teamtestbot] goes deep into the hows and whys of building these motors, from parts, to windings, to the math behind the power ratios. The working example puts an electric motor inside the rear wheel of a Razor scooter.


Tesla 2 phase AC electric motor by Max Kohl. Very early demonstration model of Tesla two phase electric alternating current motor by Max Kohl circa 1900 in good working order. 5½" (14 cm) x 3½" (8.5 cm) height 8" (20 cm) Examples of Tesla alternating current motors as early as this example are extremely rare.


Protean’s In-Wheel Electric Motors Coming To Market In 2014 The holy grail of electric vehicle technology is in-wheel electric motors, which put power directly to the street and eliminate a host of other parts. In-wheel electric motor maker Protean claims that by next year, production of their revolutionary product will begin.