Use this easy method to install a new electrical outlet without a lot of wire pulling.

Add an Electrical Outlet

Eliminate those ugly and often dangerous extension cords. Add a new outlet quickly and easily without tearing open a wall. Learn how to wire an outlet.

Survival Tips-The following videos will show you how a generator is connected to your house electrical panel. You will learn 2 different ways along with the importance of using a physical inter-locking device to protect you and the utility man.

How To Hook Up A Generator To Your Electrical Panel The Proper Way

reclaim your garage-organize it - these tips will help you reduce the clutter and get your garage back in order.

Reclaim Your Garage-Organize It!

Overhead electrical outlets | Family Handyman

Overhead electrical outlets

Are you always tripping over extension cords that snake all over the floor of your shop? End that hassle by installing ceiling-hung electrical outlets.

Never Clean your George Foreman Grill Again!

Use aluminium foil to completely cover both the top and bottom of your grill. Make sure the shiny no-stick side is facing out so that your food doesn’t stick. When finished simply remove and throw out the foil.

Completely reasonable ways to turn on a light: Part 1. (scheduled via

Hidden Bookshelf Light Switch

Secret Bookshelf Light Switch, I linked the Instructables web site with the step by step. So uhh I guess that ruins the childhood wonder of why a book could open a secret door

Air Conditioner Repair: Before calling a repair service try these air conditioner repairs.

A/C Repair – our experts shows you easy diy solutions for the most common central air conditioning repairs. you’ll be up and running sooner and will save the expense of a service call.

It's Electric! How Your Circuit Breaker Panel Works  Everything you need to know about the point of entry for a home's electricity, from an electric panel breakdown to how to hook solar panels into your home's power system.      Read more: How a Circuit Breaker Works - Electric Panel Box Information - Popular Mechanics

It's Electric! How Your Circuit Breaker Panel Works

How to Start Woodworking in a Basement or Apartment Read more: How to Start Woodworking in a Basement or Apartment - Popular Mechanics

The Easy DIY Way to Turn a Fan into an Air Conditioner (Video) | TipHero

The Quick and Easy DIY Way to Turn a Fan into an Air Conditioner

Read our latest article How to use multimeter on

How To Use a Multimeter

How to use a multimeter infographic: Learn the best way how to use a multimeter to test voltage, capacitance, and frequency.

Wiring Switches and Outlets

Wiring a Switch and Outlet the Safe and Easy Way

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Make Your Garage Energy Efficient. Easy Install of Radiant Barrier Insulation to Garage Doors.