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Free DIY Printable Voting Ballots for Kids

Printable Voting Ballots for Kids - for an Election Day program? or adapt so kids can vote for their favorite books?


1740-60 ca. Ballot Box Used by gentleman`s private club or secret society. Miniature lidded chest, full plus two half-drawers, mahogany, Dutch drop brass handles, four brass feet. Lid lifts to chamfered top with hole. Ball dropped, lid gave privacy so fellow members unable to see colour selected - white if supporting candidate, black if not. After votes cast, top drawer opened. If all white, candidate elected. If `blackballed`, forbidden membership or not granted post.


Such a clever does voting affect our community? Each week is a new question to vote on. Love it!!! Our classroom voting booth!


Society is suffering with the way the country is going, the way people are viewing the nation, and the role that society plays is crucial.


Voting Booth for Kids for the 2016 Presidential Election

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