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A product readily available through the AgeComfort site, the Hot or Cold Therapy wrap is produced by the Active Wrap company and is a compress elbow wrap that is built to include the use of hot/cold thermal pads to help you alleviate stiffness, pain and inflammation.


Nexcare Comfort Flexible Fabric Bandage, Knee and Elbow, 8-Count Packages (Pack of 6) by Nexcare. Save 9 Off!. $18.16. Stays on in water and keeps water out, ultra-thin and comfortable to wear, Clear breathable material, Easy "one hand" application, unique shape designed for better seal around pad Made in U.S.A. 50 count, Assorted 20 each Spot; 15 each 13/16 x 2-1/4 ; 1-1/16 x 3 ; 15 each 2-1/16 x 3-3/8 Medium Adhesive Pad dimensions

Details about Tommy Kono Knee Bands / Elbow Bands Weightlifting Powerlifting

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IMAK Hand / Elbow Band by Brown Medical. $7.27. The IMAK Tennis Elbow Band is ideal for elbow pain relief. The innovative removable ergoBeads Pressure Pad provides isolated pressure on the affected tendon for maximum pain relief while working or playing. The buckle and Velcro closure allow for easy adjustment for a perfect fit. For extra relief, freeze the removable pressure pad.

Paraffin Wax Refills - Universal Paraffin Bars Fresh Citrus Scent - 6 lb pkg by Parabath. Save 48 Off!. $20.31. 6 lbs. total (6 bars of 1 lb. each). Specially formulated for use with the Thera-Band ParaBath unit and similar paraffin heat therapy units.