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Love this! I will use this idea to fill my ELA Board for Open House! Favorite Books Bulletin, stealing this for my elective bulletin board in the building hallway

For the un-artsy type. This is a representation of a basic regular board.

Change Your Mindset bulletin board

Book area signpost - Where will your reading take you????

What’s in My Teacher’s Bag {Making Inferences

Life in Fifth Grade: Classroom Decorating: Day 4

Hi friends! The bulletin boards are finally starting to come together. The rest of the room is still a complete disaster, but at least the .

Since I have already shared my classroom reveal this year, I wanted to share some of the incredible classrooms in my school!  If you missed my classroom post you can click the tab above this post that says MY CLASSROOM.  This post should be 2 million pictures long to really showcase everyone the way they …

Teacher Week Day 2 Classroom Digs

''Dinosaurs didn't read. Now they're extinct.'' ... and if you don't read you'll be extinct too

Do a different one each week to teach rhetoric or logic items (spurious relationship) ''Dinosaurs didn't read. Now they're extinct. and if you don't read you'll be extinct too (Tags: quotes, typography, dinosaurs, read, reading)