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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg hunt printables, great idea to make a simple Easter egg hunt trail


All About Fine Motor Skills

Kids physically develop at slightly different rates. There are, however, milestones to watch for at certain ages. Keeping track of your child’s progress in physical coordination at different ages can help reveal potential issues.


5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman Funny Quote Sign in Pink


Could put sunflower seeds in brown paper bags. Basket full of promise. See more seed packet wedding favors and party ideas at


There was #nomail waiting for me #today when I got back home from the office. Since I'm in a little bit mood I decided to update my "No ads junk mail etc." sign to be sure that I won't receive anything but the necessary mail in the future either. The old sign has faded in 5 years. : #deardiary as you may know I like a lot of the word "ei" which is Finnish translation of "no". That is the first word in my new #noadsplease sign and it was my first word at the office today too. Because I walked…

"Wilson's Terrace" by L S Lowry, 1952. One of three views of York, commissioned by York Art Gallery


Photo: Magi Viderunt Stellam Tomás Luis de Victoria Magi vide[runt] stellam, [qui] dixerunt ad invicem: Hoc signum magni Regis est, eamus et inquiramus eum, et offeramus ei munera: aurum, thus et myrrham. Alleluia. The magi, [having seen] the star, said, each in turn: "This is the sign of a great king! Let us go and look for him and offer him gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh."


Fur Coat Portrait Drawing / Faux Fur Coat / Art Print / Winter / Stripped scarf / Floral Pants / Quirky Girl Portrait / Brown / Line Art

ABOUT THIS PRINT Printed on Glossy or Matte photo paper (matte is thinner than glossy) or Cold Pressed Watercolor paper. Print color varies slightly on different paper material. Signed by hand with Micron Pen; unframed. Original work was created using with Micron pens. All work © AkiraSerene. Sale does not transfer copyright. Copying, reproducing or distributing the artists work in any manner without the express written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited. Purchase of work (ei...

Working on Literacy in Speech Therapy - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins