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33 Sexy Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Creepy Yet Cute

COSMETICS: Both men and women decorated their eyes skin, and lips. Eye paint had…

Egyptian Make Up - both men and women wore distinct eye make up. The eye make up was extremely elaborated creating the "almond eye" look.

week 4 Egyptian makeup images- The graphic shape created here resembles hieroglyphs.

Alyssa Marie Photography @alyssamariephoto Yesterday was a v...Instagram photo

halloween makeup? hair-makeup -why didn't I think of this last year when Jessi was Cleopatra?

12 Halloween Makeup Looks That Won’t Give You Nightmares

Ya se que practicar estas vacaciones de invierno :)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Egyptian eye makeup using white eyeliner katy perry dark horse makeup tutorial the 3 main looks dyna you egyptian eye makeup top 10 makeup tutorials for eyes