Chapter 2 Part 2 Eye makeup in Egyptian culture was worn mainly by royalty and leaders. Eyes were thought to protect against illness and were a part of their spiritual beliefs.

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::::♡م ♡ ✿⊱╮☼ ☾ PINTEREST.COM christiancross ☀❤•♥•* ✨♀✨ :::: Eye of Ra

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Ancient Egyptian Amulet Necklace with Faience Eye-of-Horus (Circa 200 BC) accented by two 18 karat Yellow Gold Bastet Cats.

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Eye of Horus: An ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The eye is personified in the goddess Wadjet. It is also known as ''The Eye of Ra''

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Quick & handy Guide to Gods & Goddesses of Egypt! via Magical Recipes Online Ra, the God of Sun: Invoked for all Blessings, Healing & Wealth Osiris, God of the Underworld: Invoked for Justice & Rebirth Horus: Invoked for Protection & Healing: Isis: Invoked for Love & Magic Thoth: Invoked for Wisdom and Magical Powers Sekhmet: Invoke for Banishing and warding off Evil…

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An ancient Egyptian gold, lapis lazuli, turquoise, faience and glass pectoral found into the mummy of Tutankhamun; at the centre is a wedjat/eye of Horus, a symbol of wholeness and protection; flanking it are Nekhbet, the vulture goddess of Upper Egypt, and Wadjet, the cobra goddess of Lower Egypt.

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