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So, you walk 2km/5km/10km in Pokemon Go and these will hatch from the eggs!

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: Egg Hatching Chart Hatching eggs in Pokemon Go is like your birthday or Christmas. Its a package with a great surprise within in it (most of the time). The basics are you put your egg in an incubator and you walk run or bike (

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21 Hilarious Pokémon Go Memes

Checking in on your incubator. | 21 Jokes You'll Only Get If You Played Pokémon Go All Weekend

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Puggle at two months of age. Four puggles have been born at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in an effort to save the long-beaked echidna.

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Ducking the limelight: The newborn bird who refused to face the camera for a family photo

All your duck(ling)s in a row. Farmer Chris Murray said: ‘The ducklings had been…

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Lucy Rossi on

This is a picture of a perfectly healthy, recently hatched chick. You can even see the other yet to be hatched eggs in the incubator with it. Hijacked by clueless vegans that do not know what they are looking at, proving how little they really know about animals. Original description: "please go #vegan".

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Cassowaries stand between 1.5-2 metres in height and both sexes are similar in appearance. The female is larger and the more aggressive. Cassowaries are the heaviest bird in Australia and tend to be solitary. Mature birds only tolerate each other during the courting and mating process. The male incubates the eggs and sits on them for about 50 days. When the chicks hatch he then takes sole responsibility for rearing them for up to 16 months.

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