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Finance Dissertation Test of Efficient Market Hypothesis in Indian Indices. This dissertation focuses on the current state of EMH existence in top 4 Indian Indices namely Auto, Bank, IT and Pharma. If an efficient market should occur, disparity between the market price of a script and its intrinsic value, it would be exploited by savvy speculators. this "temporary inefficiency.

On the anniversary of Black Monday, put the efficient market hypothesis to the test and see if you can beat the market in historical stock market scenarios

Information Efficiency and Anomalies in Asian Equity Markets :: <P>The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) maintains that all relevant information is fully and immediately reflected in stock prices and that investors will obtain an equilibrium rate of return. The EMH has far reaching implications for capital allocation, stock price prediction, and the effectiveness of specific trading strategies. Equity market anomalies reflect that the market is inefficient and hence, contradicts th...

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Efficient Market Hypothesis and its types EMH (Efficient Market Hypothesis) elaborates that all relevant information is fully and immediately reflected in market price of a security where an investor will receive stable rate of return. In other words an investor should not expect to earn an abnormal return (above the market return) through either technical analysis or fundamental analysis. The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) implies that if new information is revealed about a firm it will…

Caesar Cheelo - Testing the Efficient Market Hypothesis for Stock Markets in Africa