Effects of water pollution

Clean Air, Green Earth: An Arsenal of Tech to Protect Our Planet #infographic #Environment

Clean Air, Green Earth: An Arsenal of Tech to Protect Our Planet #infographic

Clean Air, Green Earth: An Arsenal of Tech to Protect Our Planet 🌎 Infographic

Connie: Fast fashion is leading to an increase in garment production. Garment production is the third largest cause of water pollution in China. This emphasises the impact that the fashion industry has.

Fashion Production Poisons China's Water - Toxic Fashion in China

Garment production the third-largest water polluter in China. Look at the harm it is causing the environment. Smart purchases mean saving water

This shows the plastic water bottle effect. this shows how much of an effect water bottles can have on the economy and how much better it is to use reusable bottles. it also points out how 1 out of 6 bottles are recycled properly.

The plastic water bottle effect

The Plastic Water Bottle Environmental Effect - iwhat are they made, how do they effect environment, compares to reusable water bottles (Infographic).

Littered beach: Fabi Fliervoet on flickr creative common license

7 35 billion gallons of pollution enter the ocean ever single day, harming marine ecosystems and life. Today the ocean is more acidic than it has been in the last years.

rom entanglement to ingestion, sea animals are suffering as a result of our obsession with plastic and reluctance to switch to reusables.

Disturbing infographic shows how plastic is clogging our oceans

Marble art - drop coloured ink into water and place paper on top - reminds me of doing this in primary school, so much fun and very interesting too

Abstract Art Print - Matted Contemporary Modern Wall Art Prints by Destiny Womack - dWo -

These Posters Shine A Light On A Huge Problem #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/2015/09/93603/christian-waters-ocean-pollution-posters#slide-1  "People are using these animals as trash cans, so they might as well be trash cans, because this seems convenient to us," Waters says of the idea behind this sea turtle image. ...

This Designer's Posters Shine A Light On A Huge Problem

Designer Christian Waters created a set of sample WWF posters that illustrate how we treat our oceans: Like a trash can.

WWF Pollution Campaign Poster by AirDuster.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"Our hunger for fossil fuels is destroying the oceans" poster by AirDuster. A mock up WWF Pollution Campaign Poster.