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The so-called 'news' as presented here in England has lost all credibility, owing largely to the absurd devotion of being politically correct, effectively nobbling any sort of honest reportáge ...

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Surprising Effects Of Kindness

**Innocent- The problem here, of course, is who is, or is not, defined as "innocent". There is a very fine line between justice, and merely satisfying a thirst for revenge. In a vengeful situation, any scapegoat will do, while the real culprit either escapes, or is spared....huge problem.

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War of the Worlds (2005)

The typeface along with the silhouette of the people and machine makes the poster feel very dark and has sort of a bloody scary film.

'THE SHE CREATURE'. Samuel Z. Arkoff of the 1950's. Shlock and Shock and some pretty good creature effects! I loved the 50's...and the un-sung hero, creature maker Paul Blaisdell..