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Borax: an inexpensive detox; the cure for arthritis; an improver of (or even cure for) tooth decay, tumours, inflammation, fungi, candida, fluoride, poor memory, psoriasis, carpal tunnel syndrome, low testosterone, male and female hormone imbalance, osteoporosis and mycoplasma.

Ladies, learn how testosterone affects your man=>

Effects of Testosterone

Ladies, learn how testosterone affects your man=>


At the age of 30, a man’s testosterone levels start to decline, so he must know some natural testosterone boosters and combine it with a healthy lifestyle. Read how this can be done.


Low Testosterone - Low testosterone in men can cause a whole host of problems, taking away quality of life. Idaho Blue Spruce can bring those testosterone levels back up in a completely natural way without the nasty side effects of prescription drugs. Check us out at or Twitter at for much more information about how essential oils can help you.


Super Testo XL is an innovative advanced formula that supports you to increase your muscle mass. Super Testo XL was designed to help you counteract the side effects of low testosterone and maintain a healthier, happier lifestyle. Super Testo XL is made from natural ingredients which assist the body in increasing testosterone levels.

At SuiteRock we take great pride in our supplements and our customer's satisfaction. Our Male Enhancer supplement is no exception. We know how important it is to improve the effects of low testosteron...

Testosterone Supplement Benefits for Muscle Building

Testosterone is a hormone which has an effect on nearly every aspect of a man's body. Testosterone helps the body to build the a variety of proteins t