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1900-1906 - The Pompadour was a hangover from the Victorian era. This hairstyle was popular from the 1890s and is seen in the "Gibson girl" illustrations of the time. The style spilled over into the first years of the 20th century when large elaborately trimmed "Picture" hats continued to be worn. Women adopted the simpler Low Pompadour hairstyle for daily wear....


Unknown young Edwardian woman. I want to share a fabulous website. It has vintage TOC videos (great fun), detailed TOC fashion info, and links to YouTube videos that show you how to recreate Victorian and Edwardian hairstyles - without needing 3 feet of hair to work with. Check it out:


Post Edwardian Hair and Makeup look. Lili Elsie in 1912 To have a tan, was to suggest that a lady was of a lower class, who worked the land. So women of the ‘better class’ remained indoors or in the shade for most of their day.


A collection of Edwardian photographs, depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, like the Low Pompadour. Hatpin Hairstyle. Side-Swirls. Flapper (The title ‘Flapper’ originally referred to teenage girls who wore their hair in single plait which often terminated in a wide ribbon bow.) & the pompadour.| THE VINTAGE THIMBLE