The Duke Of Windsor,once Edward VIII, King of England...abdicated to marry divorcee Wallace Simpson

HRH The Prince Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, Duke of Windsor

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ HM King Edward VIII

HM King Edward VIII succeeded to the throne after his father King George V death . He abdicated the throne to marry a commoner and divorcee Wallis Simpson. He served as King of England from January 1936 through December of the same year

The Duke of Windsor. Print on print. On print. Who said he was a dapper dresser? Some of his outfits are SCANDALIST!

The late Duke of Windsor relaxing with a cigarette, his dog, and the knowledge that he is engaging in perhaps the most audacious exercise in pattern-matching ever undertaken.

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. This was real true love. UK would have been so different if he had not given in to the "establishment".

Wallis Simpson (Bessie Wallis Warfield-Spencer-Simpson) USA wife of King Edward VIII “David” (Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David) Prince of Wales UK, Duke & Duchess of Windsor.

Edward VIII (1894-1972) - Accession to the thone on January 20th, 1936 following the death of his father King George V. Reign 1/20/1936-12/11/1936

Edward VIII, King of England, he abdicated the throne for Mrs. Wallis Simpson, a twice divorced woman from Boston. Died from throat cancer.

Prince Edward, later King Edward VIII and later still, Duke of Windsor, in his Masonic gear.

Prince Edward, later King Edward VIII and later still, Duke of Windsor, in his Masonic dress.

HRH The Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) and the Duchess of Windsor

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor - legendary style setters or fashion victims?

Edward VIII... infamous for his abdication of the throne (the only one in the entire history of British Royals) for love and marriage with Wallis Simpson

Edward VIII 1936 King for less than a year. He fell in love with an American divorcee named Wallis Simpson. He chose love over the Crown and abdicated.

Prince of Wales during Royal Safari to Africa in 1925; later King Edward VIII

The playboy princes who put Harry to shame! New drama to reveal bohemian lifestyle of Royal brothers George and Edward in the 1930s

When Edward VIII visited Royal Lodge, bringing his mistress Mrs Simpson, she looked out of the window and pronounced that some trees and part of a hill might be moved for a better view

The last such picture of 4 generations of royalty was of Queen Victoria in 1894 with her son, grandson and great grandson: Edward VII, George V and Edward VIII respectively.The black and white photo was taken at White Lodge in Richmond Park at Prince Edward’s christening.

Prince Philip's on his way to meet Prince George

The christening of Prince Edward Albert of York (later King Edward VIII), with his father, grandfather and great grandmother. The Duke of York (later King George V) is on the right and the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) is on the left, while Queen Vic