Never Discourage Anyone Who Continually Makes Progress, No Matter How Slow. #exercise #fitness #motivation

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Inking sparks creative thinking. Explore the freedom of freehand and inspire your students with OneNote’s whimsical handwriting feature. A breath of fresh air, it has the power to take lesson plans and classroom activities from mundane to sensational. Plus, when you get in touch with your inner child, you’re teaching them one of life's most valuable lessons - always find time to play. Learn more about how OneNote brings excitement to the world of education.

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In the context of learning, intrinsic motivation is motivation that stems not from external factors like grades and status, but rather from genuine interest and ambition.

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I have developed confidence through attending Rasmussen College. This confidence has helped me to realize that I truly can accomplish anything I put my mind to! #RasSpirit

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