The Future of Lifelong Learning Infographic presents the recent lifelong learning explosion, provides a brief overview of lifelong learning organizations and initiatives and lists some of its societal benefits.

Better information. Better health.

Typical strengths and weaknesses of those with dyslexia. It is not an all-inclusive list, nor is it applicable to every one with dyslexia. Every person's dyslexia is unique to them.

The Instructional Design Models Infographic presents the most widely used models that eLearning designers use to structure and plan their training.

Beach ball game, transformation RPS, Magic Carpet- Slides 32 to the end have great Leadership Games and Activities, but the slides before that contain wonderful icebreakers and energizes for a camp setting. Really great resource.

Paraprofessional Training Manual

Training classroom staff can be an overwhelming and challenging job. Have this manual guide the way! This resources contains a complete training package for both new and veteran classroom paraprofessional within the special education setting.

A super hero twist on the getting to know you letter! I always send an info sheet with my student letter at the beginning of the year. The kids attach or draw a picture of themselves in the left box and then turn themselves into a super hero in the righ

10 Learning Design Strategies to Engage Learners [Infographic] Comments: How do we engage ourselves as learners? Can we use our own prior knowledge and methods to engage other students?

El aprendizaje online mejora la educación #infografia #infographic #education #internet

Educational infographic & data visualisation 5 Ways Online Learning Improves Education Infographic. Infographic Description 5 Ways Online Learning Improv

Stocking Task (aka Matching but with a Work Skill twist)

Vocational Skills Training for Youth with Disabilities-- by far the best website for pre-vocational training curriculum I have found yet!

Free training video with a free data sheet to help special education teachers, ABA therapists and speech pathologists take data. A video of how to use the data sheet can also be used to train paraprofessionals. This is the kick off to a series of specia

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One of the roles of a coach/ leader is to be a guide and a support while the coachee is developing a new skill or learning a new concept. But often times, coa

Infographic: How Technology has Affected Education Over the Years

The Traditional Training vs the Bite Size Approach Infographic explains why Microlearning is the training solution for employees’ shrinking attention spans!