Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat advertising his album, 'Buh-Weet Sings' (1981)

Wookin pa nub in awl da wong paces. Eddie Murphy on SNL

So... funny story. I showed by best friend's little sister this a few months ago, right? Well, now, my best friend tells be that all day, her little sister is still singing "UNA PAHNOONAH BANKAHHHH" all the time. I am proud of me.

Sexy Challenges: Buckwheat - Sings Looking for Love In All The Wrong Places

Eddie Murphey was Buckwheat on SNL in the 1980's, Oh Tay!!!

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Classic SNL.  Eddie Murphy. Buckwheat. Wookin pa nub!

Wookin' pa nub in all the wong places wookin' pa nub.: Buckwheat sings "Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places".

Ohh YES your UNCE... TICE... FEE times a MAYDEE! And I LUB U!! | Eddie Murphy Buckwheat

Any body remember when Buckwheat got shot on SNL? Funniest skit ever!

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