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Ed Sheeran and a cat<<<<<< correction: Ed Sheeran is a cat! I like cats :)

I actually do drawings like this with all my favorite bands when I'm bored haha. (just for the record, Skinny Love is Bon Iver's wonderful beautiful song and his original version will always be the best out there.)

My favorite singer is Ed Sheeran. His songs have so much meaning behind them, and I love his style of music.

The Ed Sheeran generator

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Are you Ed Sheeran ? This was like perfectly said Lol. I love Ed Sheeran words.

I used to hear this song a lot, but i've Been listening to it recently, because of Bradley simpson's cover

So Inspirational: Quote: Ed Sheeran, The A-Team, "Its to cold outside for angels to fly"

Comment your 3 favorite songs below.... I wanna see what kind of music u guys like!Mine are 1.A love like war by all time low feat.Vic Fuentes 2.Moments by One Direction (I know it's one of their older songs but I really love it) and 3.Teenage Kicks cover by The Vamps

Commet below of ur 3 favorite songs mine our Talk dirty, play it again,drunk on u

And he likes Star Wars? How are we not meant to be?

22 Amazing Everything Ed Sheeran Pictures

Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran.And he likes Star Wars? How are we not meant to be?

ohmygod hes so beautiful I cant

Ed Sheeran ❤️❣️ Heh . you sexy beast you . who the fuck cares I am .


HAHAHA Ed Sheeran! I love how he makes the most normal honest things funny!

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I was literally screaming and jumping up and down when I found this in my 17 magazine and I will be 21 in 4 months.

Absolutely! Took a few incidents, harsh words, loss of 'friendships' and reality to understand that I am a good person, but I cannot please everyone because some people aren't good people themselves and who am I to even want them to be a 'friend' anyhow?

Ed Sheeran quote - key to success - failure - people pleaser

Her bucket list had Ed on it. He offered her VIP concert tickets but she became to ill to attend. He flew over to her hospital and sang her some songs and gave her a bracelet he got when he turned 18. Bless.

Ed Sheeran singing to Abigail Fleming. She is 14 and was dying before she passed she said she wanted Ed to perform for her and he did. Ed is the absolute sweetest creature to ever walk the earth♥

The West Coast of Clare (Andy Irvine) - Ed Sheeran (Want Some) - YouTube

Two Blokes and a Double Bass Sing the song Celestial Man Shake the thing your mother gave ya!

Ed Sheeran. YES! Even though I would cry for the rest of my life.

Just collapse. It's just like in vampire diaries, I flipped out and started crying. I don't even want to imagine what I'd do if they played one in TFiOS