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So mean and neglectful to my body and mind whilst under alcohol and cannabis' demeaning sway. Today, I'm usually pretty kind to others and to myself, which is truly a significant healing. Thank you, recoverers movement.

Recovery is not just a choice. It's choice you make every damn day. Every minute. You fight for it.

I get so scared sometimes , my heart is under so much stress . Hypokalaemia is not fun , eating disorders have destroyed 7 years of my life and taken all my teenage years from me .

'#Recovery is about making room for the real me to exist.' (Jenni Schaefer Life Without Ed) which is terrifying but yes... :/ #eatingdisorders

Recovery is about making room for the real me to exist. ~Jenni Schaefer "Life WIthout Ed"

Food is nourishment

10 examples of positive recovery inspiration

I will not count calories. I will not eat numbers. I will eat food that will nurture my body and help it thrive. I will not feel guilty. I will smile because I'm alive in this beautiful world and because I am one step closer to being happy and healthy.


Although you can treat depression by using therapy and prescribed drugs, you can also alleviate your depression symptoms by using some natural methods. Keep reading this article to learn how to treat your depression in a natural way.

remember this every time you feel the need to restrict.

Something I found online - please do not restrict to drastic measures or cut out entire food groups, macro groups like fats or carbs, or going cold turkey and eating like a bird. Know that it never usually ends well after restricting. You may lose initial

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The 3 R’s of Habit Change -Reminder- the trigger that initiates the behaviour -Routine- the behaviour itself; the action you take -Reward- the benefit you gain from doing the behaviour