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8 Facts You Should Know About Eczema in Children

Dealing with Eczema in children can be very difficult and tiring. Here are 8 facts that should help you to manage. Eczema Appears within the first 6 months thru 5 years of life. AD (Atopic Dermati…

Homemade Oat Milk

I’m always on the look out for a new dairy free alternative. One of my children is sensitive to cow’s milk in that it will make his eczema flare up so I need alternatives for him. He’s also allergic to nuts so finding a milk alternative can be tough. I’ve tried coconut milk and we …


Junk food linked to asthma and eczema in children

Half a million children with asthma may not actually have condition I New research suggests that doctors are regularly misdiagnosing children and Nice is due to change guidelines so that GP carry out clinical tests. I Read more at The Telegraph


Below normal levels of vitamin D, due to low sun exposure, have been associated with increased incidence of food allergy and eczema in children, say researchers.

Fast-food 'linked to childhood asthma and eczema'

This one certainly needs to be heard. Some foods are known to contribute to over-breathing which underlies asthma. Dietary advice (mainly foods to avoid while you are having breathing difficulties) is an important part of Buteyko breathing education (


'Bathe daily' advice for eczema children

If your child has eczema it is fine to give them a bath every day, but apply lots of moisturising emollient cream to their skin afterwards


Giving mothers-to-be supplements of Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001, and continuing the supplementation with the infants until two years of age led to a 44% lower incidence of eczema in children up to the age of six, compared to placebo.


Home Remedies for Eczema in Children

Summer Fruit Purée

It is advisable to sieve the puree, to remove seeds before making the summer fruit recipe. Sometimes strawberries can cause irritation in children with sensitive skin or eczema so watch out for soreness around the mouth if your baby is susceptible to this.

Up to 10 percent of children under the age of five develop eczema. The disease in a child calls for special attention. Last March it be...

'Friendly bacteria' could slash baby's odds of developing eczema, new study shows