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Economy Of Egypt

Economics is another class that I will probably end up teaching. This infographic would be great in a classroom to show students how valuable, or unvaluable in some countries, the U.S dollar is . It is a good compare and contrast infographic and easy to understand. This visual could work while teaching micro or macro economics. Micro because I could emphasize the U.S dollar. Macro with the comparisons of different countries.


This file photo taken on October 22, 2016 shows security forces standing guard as tourists gather inside the temple of Abu Simbel, south of Aswan in upper Egypt, to witness the sun illuminate the statue of Ramses II. With a shaky economy following years of unrest and a huge drop in tourists, Egypt is struggling to preserve its fabled archaeological heritage [Credit: Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP]


Nasty School and Other Poems - By Shel Silverstein

Palestinians in Gaza are bypassing a decade-old blockade by creating digital startups and telecommuting

Economic opportunities are few and far between on the 140-square-mile patch of land. Its nearly two million inhabitants have been suffering under a blockade of goods and materials by its neighbors, Israel and Egypt, since 2007, when Hamas, a Palestinian Islamist group considered a terrorist organization by many countries, took control of the territory. Human Rights Watch calls the blockade “an unlawful act of collective punishment; they impeded the rebuilding of Gaza’s devastated economy by…

Materials for the Study of Women and gender in the ancient world - Egypt's economy breathes - The Times of Israel - The Times of IsraelEgypts economy breathesThe Times of IsraelEgyptian activists shout anti-Muslim brotherhood slogans in front of Egypts state prosecutors office in support of popular Egyptian television satirist Bassem Youssef, in Cairo, Egy... Article by (c) "Egypt" - Google... -

In 2016, solar-panel energy finally became cheaper than fossil fuels. Just wait for 2017.

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