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Das Unternehmen wurde mit Hinblick auf ein ökonomisches Lösungsportfolio für Storage, Server und Backup gegründet. PLAN–BUILD–RUN steht für unsere umfassende Kompetenz in der Konzeptionierung, Implementierung und Betreuung von Server- und Storagesystemen. Für unsere Kunden bedeutet das, technisch überzeugende Gesamtlösungen unter Bedacht auf bestmögliche Rentabilität – Economic Value Added.

Mossack Fonseca: China to Stimulate Economy with Supply-side Economics - China will change its business tax (BT) to a value added tax (VAT) this year, which will lead to a reduction in taxation, as per a statement by China’s State Council after a meeting on Jan 22, 2016. The Chinese Government is embarking upon one of the most ambitious tax reform programs in recent history by replacing their BT with a VAT.

Calculating Economic Value Added of Your Employees (What are the reactions of the economists/management experts to the information presented here?


Age of Robots: How Marvel Is Killing the Popcorn Movie

Some time in the middle of Avengers: Age of Ultron, I came to terms with the fact that there will never be any more decent Marvel movies…


@hermanmiller Economic value added To help us make all the short- and long-term decisions that affect our company and help it to grow, we use a highly respected performance indicator, measurement, and compensation system called "Economic Value Added" (EVA), popularized by the management consultants of Stern, Stewart and Company.

99 Amazing Facts On The Future Of Business

13% of the economic value added by the business sector in 2010 could be attributed to Internet-related and e-commerce activities.


A new college ranking looks at which schools contribute most to students' long-term economic success. (Image: Brookings)