The project describes a landscape design and facade design for a residential development in Hyderabad / India and introduces a green and ecological design for the city. It combines traditional Indian elements like Indian Step-wells and Indian Mazes into t…:

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Ecology PowerPoint Template with 32 pre-designed slides. #ecology #powerpoint #presentations #green

melting buildings into water at the bottom of the poster, use pastel gradient to add depth and dimension to the piece.

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this book cover is a little hard to read. however i like the concept behind it as the rings are the rings of a tree when its cut down. the brown also sells the tree feel.

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Green Modern Ecologic Brochure. Download here: #brochure #ecologic #design

Green Modern Ecologic Brochure. Download here: #brochure #ecologic #design

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this is another anti smoking campaign trying to motivate people to stop smoking by comparing your lungs to trees by what they look like in spring and winter. it is a smart way of getting the point across as words is not needed as you can tell that the right side is what your lungs look like smoking and the left is what they look like when you don't smoke

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