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DIY Homemade Cling Wrap: A Natural Plastic Wrap Alternative

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Eco-friendly Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging

packaging - sustainability - bamboo..thinking of this for Mantra...? Sustainability is really important

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4 Pack Lime Reusable produce bags Eco friendly wonderful and fun color

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16 Products To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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A stylish, eco-friendly and super cool water bottle to replace your dull plastic one. The bottle is constructed from glass interior bottle that is shielded with a bamboo layer. Press down the leak-proof BPA free plastic flip top to reveal a spout for easy sipping. The bottle can be used for hot drinks, as well.

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benefits of eco friendly products, hazards to us without them, list of eco friendly products, some green companies

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How to Choose Eco Friendly Menstrual Products

Basic rundown of reusable menstrual products. Why keep contributing to pollution? I used a menstrual cup last period and almost forgot I was on my period. Amazing!

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3 eco-friendly plastic wrap alternatives

These 3 plastic wrap alternatives make it possible to prep and store food ahead of time without the plastic clingy stuff. Sustainable food storage for all!

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