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Eclectic Graters

`Vintage, quirky and very now . . . use old cutlery to line the rim of a lampshade base. Drill a small hole in the handle and thread wire through and onto the shade base to secure in place.


Rustic Recycled Cheese Grater and Colander Table Lamp

Rustic Recycled Cheese Grater and Colander Countertop Lamp Light #RecycledLamp #DeskLamp #DIY @idlights

Pretty Utility: Gorgeous Gold Utensils

Gold Kitchen Utensils from MiaFleur via Swoonworthy


Enrico Cheese Grater & Shredder, Acacia Wood - eclectic - graters and peelers - by FactoryDirect2you

Vintage Metal Cheese Vegetable Graters by Elite Bourgeoisie - eclectic - holiday decorations - by Etsy


Vintage Home Bars

bar cart art


Cheese Graters - the red spice boxes are a very nice touch. I love prims but I like to mix them with all the other things I love...vintage, eclectic, retro...whatever catches my eye.


I made this fixture from 3 old silverware baskets, some springs, and a galvanized air duct cap.


Tupperware Mini Citrus Squeezer, Grater, Egg Separator and Jug, 1970s Orange, Measuring Cups, White, Kitchenalia, Plastic, Retro Kitchen

Tupperware Mini Citrus Squeezer Grater Egg by IngliVintage on Etsy

put this on the to-do list