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Love this home tour! Filled with fun collections, like cuckoo clocks, paint by number pictures, and matryoshka dolls. I think the neutral walls help it to feel comfortable - not too cluttered.


Check out the paint job on framing - another way to introduce color into room. Just make sure frame color is somewhere else in room as well to create balance.


Retro style meets space age materials in this modern take on the classic German design. This fun pink plastic Cuckoo Clock is sooo kitsch and cute! The little birdie at the top, and the pendulum at the bottom both move back and forth with the second hand. It is the perfect addition to any retro or eclectic decor

from Vintage Revivals

Cuckoo For Color

A fresh coat of paint can update anything! Fun & Colorful!! Cuckoo Clock Makeover @ Vintage Revivals


A modern cuckoo clock inspired by German and Dutch train station clocks. This cuckoo clock is equipped with a battery powered quartz mechanism