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That's why a storehouse & having your own fruit & veg patch and a farm are very important, but thank god for lidl, aldi & home bargains!

from Mail Online

Louisiana Walmart shelves empty after EBT cards have unlimited funds

Food-stamp shoppers pick Walmart bare after computer glitch gives them UNLIMITED funds. But who will end up footing the bill? THE TAXPAYERS, WHO DO YOU THINK!

Rite Greens Pot Shop has taken the steps needed to accept food stamps (now called EBT cards) for the purposes of purchasing marijuana leading to taxpayer funded marijuana for welfare recipients.

He said during a broadcast that since the top 1% of the country own 30% of the wealth: the poor and middle class families in this country “ought to be kissing the ground on which [the rich] walk” because it is the top 1% that is paying for EBT cards and food stamps and federal housing. The rich, Fischer asserted “ought to be given ticker tape parades once a week in all of our major cities to thank them for funding welfare for everybody”

Worse than EBT food stamp system crash is inevitable; here's why..... BE PREPARED because A LOT of those people are going to act like CRAZY"S!!!!


EBT (Food Stamps) Being DECLINED ACROSS THE U.S. ---