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Vegan sushi and homemade pickled ginger

Vegan Sushi // nori sheets, sushi rice, red pepper, avocado, carrot, red cabbage, rice vinegar, sugar, wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger

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Don't be shellfish...I love sushi and therefore I search a lot online for recipes and all the information I can get about my favourite japanese cuisine. It’s not easy to cook everything (for me at least) but sushi is not that hard and it’s a very healthy and delicious dish. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy …

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Sushi Rice

Japan - How to make sushi rice? The easiest and no-fuss recipe to make sushi rice from scratch |

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Community Post: 10 Sushi Recipes To Make At Home!

Here are some amazing, easy and affordable Sushi recipes. Why go out for expensive sushi when you can make delicious rolls of your own at home? Check out these 10 recipes!

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Easy Rainbow Vegetable Sushi

How to make your own rainbow sushi - simple vegetarian sushi idea - perfect for…

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California Crab Rolls (Sushi)

California Crab Rolls (Sushi); for Mimi's b-day: so good. A safe, easy sushi to try

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Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll | Sushi Recipe | Just One Cookbook FOOD PORN Appetizer Side Dish Snack Entrée I RECIPES HEALTHY RECIPES HEALTHY FOOD HEALTHY COOKING COOKING Paleo Diet Paleo Recipes #recipes #healthy #cooking

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Smoked salmon & avocado sushi

Smoked salmon & avocado sushi recipe - I really want to try to make sushi as it's one of my favorite foods.

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How to make perfect sushi rice

Sushi/Shari Rice. Wash Rice. Add Water (Rice 1:1.15 Water). Heat to Boil. Simmer and Cover. Remove with Wooden Spoon. Seasoning: Add Rice Vinegar. Sugar. Salt. 3 cups of rice: ½ cup of rice vinegar 2 tablespoon of sugar 2 teaspoons of salt 1 cup = 3 rolls Mix Seasoning. Cook on Medium Heat. Comine with Rice.

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The Best Sushi or Sticky Rice

This recipe for sushi rice is the best you will ever make! Turns out perfectly seasoned and sticky every single time. Use it for sushi rolls or sashimi.

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