Easy patterns to draw

A little while ago I came across a class over at Creative Bug that really inspired me to get back into playing in my sketchbook! I was looking for a fun art project that my daughter and I could work on together and discovered Lisa Congdon’s wonderful Sketchbook Explorations courses. They have really inspired both of us to start playing in our sketchbooks, in fact my daughter has nearly filled hers with doodles, patterns and drawings over the past month!

Sketchbook Explorations

Sketchbook drawing and painting exercises from the Sketchbook Explorations course at Creative Bug. Drawings by Kate Hadfield.

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Tribal striped hand drawn seamless pattern Geometric black-white background Swatches of seamless pattern included in the file Stock Photo.

Even complex designs are easy to draw when you start with simple shapes. Learn the art of designing your own easy patterns to draw on Craftsy!

Easy Patterns to Draw: Design Your Own Pattern

It may look daunting, but cityscapes are actually quite easy to draw! Find out how to draw a city skyline with simple shapes and forms 3 ways on Craftsy!

Lovely simple straightforward instructions for a drawstring bag

Lovely simple straightforward instructions for a drawstring bag - small bags, cheap designer crossbody bags, ladies black bags *ad

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