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Easy Macaron

Check out our new and Easy Macaron Recipe! If you've every wanted to try these adorable little desserts, this recipe is the most basic way!

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How to Make French Macarons: A Step-by-Step Recipe with Video

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Basic French Macarons

These charming little cookies have become a total dessert craze thanks to our French friends across the pond. Macarons are a sugary and delicious treat perfect for tea parties, bridal showers, and basically any festive occasion you can think of. Don't be intimidated by their seemingly difficult recipe requirements, because our guide to baking and assembling the basic French macaron is fool proof!

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Easy Macaroon Cookie

Easy Macaroon Recipe This macaron recipe is really easy to follow and tastes so good! It's one of my favorite desserts to make and makes a great gift for baby showers, weddings and more!

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8 Easy Macaron Recipes For Beginners (With NEVER FAIL Tips)

Unlock the secrets to making beautiful, delicate, and delicious French desserts with these eight simple macaron recipes.

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Perfect French Macarons in Pastel Blue with Milk Filling

[Beams of Grace Christening] And what festivity is complete without coordinating macarons? (via and cute)

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How to Make Chocolate Macarons

The easiest chocolate macaron recipe out there! Two crisp, sweet and chewy chocolate and almond meringue shells are filled with an easy and rich dark chocolate ganache. Not challenging or time-consuming, this is a foolproof classic French macaron recipe that will easily yield perfect and professional chocolate macaron results every time! Recipe…