Easy Crochet Flower - Free Pattern & Tutorial

Make a quick and easy crochet flower to embellish your latest project with this free pattern and video tutorial from B.

FAVOURITE FLOWER crochet flower tutorial ~ free pattern ch 53 dc starting in ch *sc, leave long tail to roll and stitch together

Crochet flower tutorial VERY EASY

Easy Crochet Flower TutorialA free video via the link at My. (Mingky Tinky Tiger + the Biddle Diddle Dee)

Flower Crochet Pattern Free

This free crochet flower pattern is the perfect embellishment for hats, bags, and so much more. Whipped up in half an hour or less, its a great last-minute gift or accessory for that new outfit. - Crafting Tips

Free Crochet Patterns {Simple Daisy Crochet Pattern

The Easiest Heart Crochet Pattern Ever!

Introduction Although I am UK-based I have written the pattern using USA crochet terminology – here are the conversion terms: Slip stitch (ss) = slip stitch Single crochet (sc) = double crochet Double crochet (dc) = treble/triple

Stitchfinder Crochet: Motif : Six-Petal Flower

Crochet Bow Free Patterns & Instrucions

Easy Treble Stitch Bow Free Pattern - Crochet Bow Free Patterns - You could make a cute blanket from these bows.

Such a fun and simple warm weather craft project! This post also shows you how to make them into napkin rings.