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Easy to Build Chicken Coops | our vintage home love. This one is the perfect size for our yard.


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james chicken coop and covered walk in run-kings lynn


How To Build Simple Chicken Coop | Chicken Coop Site


I showed this image to our farm-hand and he is building this chicken tractor right now in the barn :) Ours will be bigger and have laying boxes in the back.

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11+ Tips for Predator-proofing Chickens

Protecting a flock against predators is one of the biggest challenges a backyard chicken keeper faces. The best offense is a good defense and knowing the basics of coop security is essential to keeping chickens safe from harm. The following are my best recommendations for predator-proofing chickens based on my experiences.

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Shade Trellis for the Chicken Coop (Gentleman Homestead)

Chickens are incredibly cold hardy. What they can’t tolerate is extreme heat. To cope, they drink a lot. They pant. They dust bathe. They lounge around in the shade. In fact, you can just imagine an o

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15+ Chicken Nesting Box Hacks

Chicken coop. This looks like the mess wold fall into the nesting box below? Do they only make a mess when perched?


Up-cycled Playhouse Chicken Coops - Kids outgrown their playhouse? Spray-paint the exteriors, covered the floor with linoleum flooring, secured the houses to the pallets with L brackets, caulk spaces that would leak or allow a draft, insert two roosts, cover the windows with chicken wire, and cut out part of the door for the ramp. Total cost for each was around $30.00!


GENIUS!!! 2 trampoline frames put together to make a durable, easy chicken coop.