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Basic stunts - The girl behind thigh stands will be in a lower thigh stand so she can be seen. Then there will be a normal lift behind her.

Beginning cheers, chants, and dance routines for youth cheerleading in Indianapolis. #ccysindy #circlecityyouthsports

Cheerleading Routines for Beginners

A competitive cheerleading routine is just 2 minutes long, but cheerleaders must cheer, dance, jump, tumble and stunt the entire time.

I love this, Obviously take this up to half hitches and a shoulder sit in the middle and extension in the back maybe make them do hitches also and rest there feet on the one mans shoulders make the back stunts two based libs for more people so it would take 16 girls :)

The winter cheer stunt team is photographed on Tuesday, at the Portage High School commons. The PHS Cheer program has four teams within it: varsity competition cheer, varsity cheer stunt, varsity dance and junior varsity dance team.

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