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Easy Apple Dumplings

Easy Apple Dumplings. they are delicious amde with peaches. Made them yesterday, they are wonderful.and so easy. I used some Sunny-D orange and peach instead of soda.


Easy Apple Dumplings

Easy Apple Dumplings Recipe -Mother often prepared this special treat for us, ready to take out of the oven just as we came home from school. I remember so vividly, upon opening the door to the house, the magnificent aroma!


Brown Sugar Mincemeat Cake. Despite it's name mincemeat contains no meat (although it used to) but is a delicious combination of dried fruits, spices, sugar, suet, apples and brandy.

Easy Apple Dumplings | | #apple #dumplings
Apple Pie Dumplings!  This easy recipe has just two ingredients and is so delicious served with a scoop of ice cream!

Apple Pie Dumplings! (2 Ingredients!)