Mill wall, East London ~ The association with Cockney and the East End in the public imagination may be due to many people assuming that Bow Bells are to be found in the district of Bow, rather than the lesser known St Mary-le-Bow church. Thus while all East Enders are Cockneys, not all Cockneys are East Enders.

barque 'Penang' in dry dock at Millwall 1932 - Unknown - Royal Museums Greenwich Prints

The view down the stairs to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England

The view down the stairs to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, East Midlands, England

Nanjizal beach, Cornwall, England - Home and Garden Design

Photo Diary: My Trip to Nantucket

Nanjizal beach, Cornwall, England This cave is known as the ‘Song of the Sea’.’ It lies on the East side of Nanjizal beach and has this spectacular pool at low water. Nanjizal lies half way between Porthcurno (Minack theatre) and Land’s End in Cornwall.

Moor Brook, Dartmoor    What a heavenly afternoon. The East Okement Valley, on Northern Dartmoor, was filled with the smoky-blue haze of Gorse burning (swayling) on the open moor. The light through the woods was amazing, shafts of sunlight kept appearing through the branches of the trees and then vanishing as quickly as they had appeared.

Moor Brook, Dartmoor, Devon, UK Can't you just see a thousand stories coming from this place?

The tourism industry in Bali is primarily focused in the south, while significant in the other parts of the island as well. The main tour...

Canal Water Slide - Bali, Indonesia Note: Tell SG to stop flaking the last min.