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When the continents of Africa and Europe collided 24-1.5 million years ago the effects were far reaching causing changes in the rock formations many hundreds of miles away. The rocks at Lulworth were lifted, twisted and folded over 90 into their present position. The collision of the earth's tecton...

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Off the wall: The astonishing 3D murals painted on the sides of buildings by a trompe l'oeil artist

These wall murals were created by artist John Pugh whose renowned for painting surreal three-dimensional scenes. Check out some of them: The mural transforms this boring building into an amazing art piece. Wow! The side of this building is transformed by

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Earthquake Experiments

Help your students learn about earthquakes through this engaging, hands-on science experiment! Students will understand the effects of earthquakes with this activity!

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The Ring of Fire contains over 450 volcanoes and is home to approximately 75% of the world's active volcanoes; as well, nearly 90% of the world's earthquakes occur in this area.

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The walls of Sacsahuaman in Peru, that in a certain way resemble the underwater constructions of Bimini.

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Babel Rising 3D Android Game - , a knocked for android Babel Rising found a three-dimensional personification! As an almighty God, prevent sympathy groups to make the Babel structure. Give hole to your enrage and creativity! Shoot lightning, cause tough earthquakes or a precipitation from meteoroids, and maybe floods. You are waited for by full 3D, illustration zooming, awesome unique effects and a superior precise illustration! Game requests cache transferring . How to put a…