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Over two dozen earthquakes hit near Lake Tahoe within four hours - adding to the nearly 700 tremors felt within California area in last week

A map (above) put out by the Southern California Earthquake Data Center shows that in the last week that have been almost 700 light-to-moderate tremors in the area

Hollywood Changed to Hollyweed, California Earthquake Swarm, Inauguration and More! UWN - YouTube

San Andreas the movie. Growing up in the city I had to see this.Amazing special effects most are seamless. I loved it.


Map of Kern County Earthquake of 1952 | California Earthquake Map Collection (1857- ) Isoseismal Maps for Selected California Earthquakes


The Next California Earthquake Could Be Caused by Human-Made Drought

Worms could hold key to curing asthma after scientists discovered they secrete a protein which dampens down the immune system and prevents the body over-reacting to allergens.


Financial Earthquakes and East Coast Tremblers


Earthquake Safety Tips for Two-Story Apartments

Last weekend was a shaky one in #SF. This is worth revisiting: California Earthquake Safety Tips | eHow


How to Pack Your California Earthquake Survival Kit

Northridge Earthquake Damage, 1994 This is embarrassing, but I’ve had my “California Earthquake Survival Kit" on my “To Do” list for the past two years. Does this sound familiar? Do you think you've got time? Well, the reality is that maybe...