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Earthquake California Now

California's Earthquake Early Warning System Advances

The California Earthquake Early Warning System advances beyond the California Senate Governmental Organization Committee, now on to the full senate.

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Feds Secretly Asked For — And Secretly Got — List Of Every Concealed Carry Resident In Missouri :: Prophecy Dude

ARTICLE PREDICTING 8.0 CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE- 3-2015- Scientists are virtually certain that California will be rocked by a strong earthquake in the next 30 years. Now they say the risk of a mega-quake is more likely than previously thought.

Native Americans’ Terrifying Tsunami Stories Show What the Pacific Northwest Has to Fear

The Great Quake and the Great Drowning. This article is from Hakai magazine, an online publication about science and society in coastal ecosystems. In the year 1700, on Jan. 26 at 9 at night, in what is now Northern California, Earthquake was running up and down the coast. His feet were heavy, and when he ran, he shook...

No reports of damage, injuries after 7.3 magnitude quake strikes off coast of El Salvador :: Prophecy Dude 12/27/2015 — WEST COAST VOLCANIC EARTHQUAKES — FLURRY OF M4.0 TO M4.9 STRIKE CALIFORNIA VOLCANOES OVER A FEW DAYS TIME - DECEMBER 27, 2015 - MICHAEL JANITCH - Dutchsinse - West Coast / California earthquake Warning / Watch: ANOTHER Volcanic earthquake along the West coast -- This now makes FOUR different volcanoes struck in the same amount of days (4 days time)... all along the West coast in California....

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Demonstration of Drop, Cover, and Hold On by Los Angeles County Fire Department Firefighters.

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Sidewalks outside of Palm Springs, CA are starting to lift up off the ground as the same force which caused the earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan is now hitting California; pressure from the Pacific…

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