Natural pigments for painting from the Earth Pigments company. They also sell natural binders and have recipes and lots of information on their website.

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Our radiant Natural Earth pigments in individual 3 oz. packets. Each packet makes the equivalent of one medium-sized tube of professional oil paint when mixed with walnut or linseed oil. New! "Mayan Red" and "Mayan Turquoise" now available! Note on "Mayan" Pigments: The volume of these pigments is three times that of our other pigments; so the price appears higher but you're actually getting three times more pigment. Learn about our Natural Pigments here... About our Natural Pigments…

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I recently met a local artist/ printmaker, Shannon Yost, and asked her if she's ever made non-toxic printmaking ink (because I know it's very hard to find). To my delight and surprise she had actually studied with visiting Japanese Master Printmakers and learned a very ancient and little-known technique called the Moku Hanga technique of making your own inks. This ancient recipe has always used all non-toxic ingredients and we had fun including natural earth pigments in the mix! This ink is…

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Tiwi Mortuary Basket, Australia | 'tunga' | Natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark | Collected 1950s at Bathhurst/Melville Island

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'Aleutian Nights', Beautiful limited edition print. Finest quality archival pigment inks on acid-free cotton fiber paper. Available in all sizes. Box mounting available. Purchase through

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