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Teething pops made from Frozen Breastmilk.  Babies can begin teething quite early on. Both my boys started at 3 months!! At 3 months there isn't much you can do in the way of teething help, aside f...

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10 teething remedies that work

If the mere mention of the word TEETHING sends shivers down your spine, this list of 10 teething remedies is just what you need to find your way back to a good night of sleep. #s 3 and 6 worked the best with my daughter!

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Signs of Teething in a 3-Month-Old Baby

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Well gooood morning!! I crashed so early last night! Hope you have a fun day ahead of you beautiful. You'll be on my mind as usual :) wish we were spending it together!


Being awake in the early hours with a teething baby gives you a lot of time to think. Something which I’m still trying to decide if it is a good or bad thing.  You see no matter where yo…

Grain Free Teething Biscuits. Starting babies on grains too early can be hard on their guts, because they don't make the enzymes necessary to digest them. Here is a grain free alternative to the traditional teething biscuits that you can make in your own kitchen! #grainfree #teethingbiscuits