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Awesome introduction video for European Explorers: Age Of Discovery


We reached a milestone! Teaching on Lemon Lane now offers 50 products!! Consider this FREEBIE a thank you! To stay up to date on new products, sales, and freebies make sure to follow my store Teaching on Lemon Lane!This is a great resource for anyone that teaches about early explorers, early exploration, reasons for exploration, and the routes taken.


A few classroom activities/projects to get the kids thinking about early European Exploration. A flipbook on reasons for exploring and a map for sea monsters with descriptive writing.


Ms. Winston's Blog: Explorer's Lapbook - 3rd grade. make to fit grade?


Early Explorers came for Gold, God and Glory! - YouTube

Voyages of early European explorers Also look at

This early explorers visual chart gives the students an opportunity to draw what motivated the first early explores in Texas along with their obstacles and achievements.


The Techie Teacher: European Explorers Project FREEBIES

Explorer unit. Some great project ideas here.


This wasn't for halloween, but I bet after you pull out all the tees the light show with a candle inside would be awesome!