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Utah Girl Bullied About Large Ears Gets Free Surgery

Utah Girl Bullied About Large Ears Gets Free Surgery From Big-Hearted Surgeon Who Was Also Teased as a Kid

When visiting with Dr. Thompson, the first question patients ask is often, "How long is recovery from ear-pinning or otoplasty surgery?"

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Alexander Wang Hits a High Note, Fendi's New Blog + More!

Alexander Wang x Beats by Dre - I'm deaf in one ear and have also had surgery in that ear so in ear ear phones are a no no, I've been wanting a pair of Beats for years, still haven't got round to treating myself. Beats are the ultimate thing I would love off this wish list. I love my music.

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I probably would, next time I'm under anaesthetic from surgery I'm asking my Mam to do this....

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ABC4Utah Highlights Dr. Thompson's Extensive Experience with Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty) in Utah

Ollie Locke from Made In Chelsea was spotted and featured in the Daily Mail after having an Ear Pinning surgery with Dr Yannis Alexandrides at 111 Harley Street

Vertigo Caused By Dislodged Ear Crystals? ~ Simple Exercise To Re-Set Calcium Crystals In Ear

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#Otoplasty, Cosmetic ear surgery, correct an abnormal shape, prominent or protruding ears

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