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8 Scenarios Where You Need Renters Insurance

Don't think you need renters insurance. Think again. Get coverage for these scenarios and many other things that can happen in the life of a renter.


5 Things to Do Before You Sign a Lease [Infographic tells you about 5 things you should do before signing a lease. Check out the infographic now on the blog!

Comparing the Best Renters Insurance

Anyone who does not carry a homeowner’s insurance policy should carry renters insurance


Here's Everything You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

Laptop get stolen at a coffee shop? Renters insurance will cover it. Camera stolen on vacation? Renters insurance again.


The Apartment Security Guide for Renters Before Moving In: • Test Lighting • Research Local Crime • Observe General Upkeep • Check Apartment Entrances • Try the Peephole • Get New Door Locks • Examine Window Locks • Note Fire Escapes After Moving In: • Buy Additional Locks • Bolster Sliding Doors • Invest in Good Blinds • Use a Safe • Get Renters Insurance • Install a Security System Visit our website for more information:

13 Things You Never Knew You Needed To Keep Your Home Looking New

It's a new year, so let's keep our home sweet home looking nice and new. And an affordable way to protect your belongings in your new place? Renters insurance through the GEICO Insurance Agency!


How much is renters insurance compared to what the Average American spends on shoes, soda, phones, coffee!


25 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Plants

Studio Apartment with bed behind the curtain. The curtain and plants make one large living space seem divided and homey.