survivor in the early days of the aftermath of the war, circa 2077 A.D.

Shawn is leading a band of refuges to the East side of a World War III rattled England. Shawn showed up just in time to save the band from being killed by a Russian mob group.

Another direction we could go in for the senators to show the difference in wealth between them and the common people

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The different fonts used for different indie bands, i could find a font i could use for the band my DPS is going to be about.

Indie music short for Independent. It typically entails music that it independently created away from big mainstream record labels with a do-it-yourself mentality. Publishing and promotion are also typically done independently as well.


The Megadeth logo uses jagged edges and expanding and contracting font to match the bands aggressive musical style.

In Evanescence's music videos the setting tends to be dark whether it's at night or the effects of the camera, based on the bands theme of rock.

xX- A remote shed, is where she's been // blue // inspired // dusk // remote


Explaining the world of the Killjoys in complete and total detail. desert-revolution: “ youwouldrebeltoanything: “ DANGER DAYS EXPLAINED “ This better get so many fukken notes, I swear to god.

Pink Floyd

"Mother should I trust the government?" -Mother, Pink Floyd (The Wall) Spray-painted on the Berlin Wall pre-November 1989 by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

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peacock feathers, French Revue de Modes,Model Sophie Srej, Photographer Bruno Dayan, Fashion Stylist Alexandra Elbin - 1920 make-up and head piece

Magda Laguinge for Vandals Magazine, December “We are Vandals” Photographed by: Mathieu Vladimir Alliard